No matter what financial challenges you face – whether it’s debt, limited savings and investments, or lack of life insurance — they can be resolved successfully.


By providing you with a better understanding of your financial situation and access to products and solutions that are appropriate for your specific goals, we can help you achieve your dreams.


Common Challenges

We believe that having a solid understanding of the challenges families and individuals throughout North America face is an important first step to overcoming them.

  • Credit Card Debt & Poor SavingsIf you have high credit card balances, little to no savings and no understanding of how much savings is enough, you are not alone.

  • Cost of College - If you’re a parent, you’re probably aware that the cost of a college degree has been increasing steadily, year after year, throughout North America.

  • Retirement Savings - Many people face an uncertain retirement. According to a recent study, many U.S. workers say they have virtually no savings or investments. Excluding the value of their home and defined benefit plans, 60 percent of the workers surveyed say their household savings and investments is less than $25,000.

  • Social Security - In the United States, Social Security may not be a reliable source of income in the near future. According to recent projections, the program’s key trust fund will be depleted by 2035. That’s why you have to plan for the possibility that you may receive partial Social Security benefits when you retire – or none at all.

  • Rising Cost of Living - Did you know the amount of money you earn today will have less value tomorrow, and even less 20 years from now? Have you considered the rising cost of living in your financial strategy? To show how this can affect you, take a look at the following example:

    If you and your spouse are each 45 years old, earn $100,000 per year and plan to retire in 20 years, and if inflation averages 4.5% during the next two decades, you will need more than $241,000 a year to equal your current $100,000 annual income.

  • Unexpected Loss - What if you were to pass away unexpectedly? Without proper planning – whether through life insurance and/or emergency savings – your family could face serious financial issues due to funeral costs, credit card bills, and more. Proper insurance coverage can help you guard against the impact of such losses.

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How We Can Help

​​At Imperial Hope Financial, we don’t believe in “one size fits all.” However, our associate offers a broad array of solutions from many well-known providers, and works together with you to determine the best strategy based on your needs:

  • Life Insurance

  • Annuities

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long-Term Care

  • Business Solutions

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • College/Post-Secondary Education Funding

  • Financial Needs Analysis

Determining Your Needs

Our Licensed  Associate offers you a professional and complimentary Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), which is the first step in helping to identify the core components of your financial health.

  • Cash Flow - When you create your financial strategy, it’s important to know how much money you have access to and how, if possible, you can increase that amount. This money is your cash flow and can help you accomplish many things, including reducing or eliminating debt and increasing your savings.

  • Proper Protection - A big part of building a sound financial strategy is life insurance. Life insurance helps protect your loved ones in the event of your death. It not only helps replace lost income, but it can also help preserve your family’s assets.

  • Debt Management - One of the biggest obstacles to a sound financial future is consumer debt. It’s important to have a strategy that can help reduce and eliminate debt.

  • Emergency Fund - No matter how much you plan in life, the unexpected happens. To prepare for life’s little “disasters,” set up an emergency fund to help pay for any resulting expenses. A basic rule of thumb for determining how much you should set aside is three- to six-months of your total expenses.

  • Build Wealth - When developing your financial strategy, it’s important to ensure you put a long-term asset accumulation program in place that strives to outpace inflation and reduce taxation.

  • Preserve Wealth - An essential part of your financial strategy is ensuring that the wealth you accumulated over the years is not impacted by taxes or other unintended consequences.

Speak with one of our Financial Professionals today to learn more about how you can get better returns on your money, cut taxes so you never lose money and protect your most valuable asset.



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