Bankruptcy & Liquidation


We consult on ways to prevent or avoid Bankruptcies. However, we help you dispute them effectively while building your Personal Credit.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process. With several years of experience in this area, we are able to guide you through the complex mane of rules and regulations that apply to this process.


We educate our clients and help them remain compliant with the regulations that apply to Bankruptcy and liquidation, thereby ensuring best outcomes for our clients who are pursuing this action.

Success Planning

Every business needs a well thought out succession plan in order to reduce long term risks for the business. We discuss the long term and short term goals of the business with business leaders and lay out different scenarios for change of leadership.

Business Valuation

Business valuations may be needed for various purposes like buy/sell transactions, estate planning, etc. Different methods of valuation can produce widely different valuations of the business.


We will choose the most appropriate valuation methodology after analyzing the characteristics of your business.

Cash Flow Planning

The economic recovery is fragile. Now is the time to monitor cash flow closely so that the business can be managed efficiently and grown steadily.


We deal with several kinds of businesses and we are best equipped to guide your firm achieve a stable cash flow status with no surprises that can be costly.

We have resources at our disposal that can help protect you against Liens, Bankruptcies, or Lawsuits.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance market is constantly changing. New policies (for example, cyber-attack coverage policy) are cropping some of which will prove to be very useful for your business.


We can do a complete analysis of your insurance policies (including health insurance policy) to identify any gaps in coverage and to identify any cost saving potential.

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Internal Control

Effective Internal control systems are needed for every organization irrespective of the size of the entity. Fraud and waste can be minimized when well thought out internal control systems are put in place.

We have affiliates highly trained to quickly identify the deficiencies in existing internal control systems and our partners can put in place dynamic internal control policies and procedures that will safeguard the business from fraud and waste.

Retirement Strategy


Our firm can help you plan out a retirement strategy that aligns with your personal goals. Erroneous planning can turn out to be very costly; professional help from us can ensure that you are well informed and take the correct financial decisions for retirement.


We take into consideration the tax implications of the various strategies and help you choose the one that is the best fit.

Tax Consulting & Compliance

Since the start of the firm in the year 1949, one thing that has changed constantly under our watch over the years is the TAX LAW!


Our partners have the most up to date resources available to analyze any complex tax situation; we can offer you the best advice for tax planning and compliance.


You can trust them to be your Tax Advisors as we have several years of experience handling complex tax situations on behalf of our clients. We ensure accurate and compliant tax filing and adopt the best tax saving strategies.

Loan Review

We can review your loan portfolio to identify low quality loans and offer a plan supported by data for negotiating loans of better quality.


Having a loan with unfavorable terms can adversely affect the cash flow and bottom line of a business. You can rely on our expertise to help you secure the best deal possible.

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